The Town Council is introducing a new Wayfinding History Trail

Following the Station to Statue route the monoliths and heritage panels will provide historical information and walking distances to landmarks such as the Museum, High St,  Station and Forest Way.  Each sign will have a QR code (which can be scanned by a smartphone) and link you directly to a page on the Visit East Grinstead website or the Museum to tell you more about the location.  There is also a digital map embedded on the Visit East Grinstead website which will advise of the route and the stops along the way.

The initial phase has five monoliths (the station, two on London Road, the statue and the entrance to the Forest Way) and five heritage panels (St Leonard’s Park, Whitehall Buildings, Sackville House, Sackville College and McIndoe Statue).

If this is successful we will be looking to add more to this trail linking the Worth Way and adding more information about hidden historical treasures in East Grinstead.    As well as fun for visitors it is hoped to encourage the Bluebell Railway users to venture in to East Grinstead during their day trips.    Councillor Helen Farren (Chairman of the Amenities and Tourism Committee) said “As we start to open up again, we hope this trail will encourage people to explore our town’s diverse history.”

The links will all go through to or the Museum website and will be maintained by the Town Council.   The Monoliths and panels will be in place by the end of April.