On Saturday 6th February, East Grinstead Town Mayor, Cllr John Dabell, had his vaccination at Meridian Hall in East Grinstead.  John, who is 71, is encouraging everyone when they receive their invitation to get their vaccination, to go along and not to worry as he didn’t feel a thing.  John, and District Councillor Norman Webster who coincidentally was having his vaccination at the same time, thanked all the staff and volunteers for their hard work. The Town Mayor said “It was all so simple and efficient, it was Jab a dab a doo.  The clinicians and volunteers are all doing a super job. ”

The Meridian Hall is the vaccination hub for the East Grinstead Area, encompassing the East Grinstead surgeries of; Judges Close, Moatfield and Ships St along with Crawley Down Health Centre.   The Centre started vaccinations on 14th January and have as of Saturday 6th February vaccinated  over 6,500 people with their first shot.  NHS Alliance who run the centre say that they are well on track to have offered vaccines to all residents in the top four groups (through to the over 70’s or those living with chronic underlying illness) by 17th Feb.  This week the centre is operating on Wednesday and Thursday, for those with appointments.

Home Visits are also ongoing for those identified or identifying when contacted that they need to have a home visit to receive the vaccine. This is carried out by a different team and may be slightly behind the meridian hall roll out.

The roll-out will then continue with the next set of groups, while also starting the second shots by the end of March.   Residents are not urged to contact their Dr Surgery to find out when they will be vaccinated, but wait to be contacted.  They are also reminded never to give their bank details to anyone purporting to offer the vaccine,  there is no charge and no need for bank details to be given.