visiteastgrinstead.com name is owned by the East Grinstead Town Council (EGTC) and the site is managed by the East Grinstead Business Association (EGBA).
In this document subscribers are companies or individuals who have their business listed or have purchased advertising; customers or potential customers are those who access visiteastgrinstead.com on a free of charge basis for the sole purpose of research.

Right to use

The use of visiteastgrinstead.com is free but by doing so both potential and actual users are deemed to have accepted the terms and conditions as laid down in this document. The use of the name visiteastgrinstead.com without the written consent of the EGBA is strictly forbidden other than for subscribers to refer to it in their advertising and promotional material.

Property rights

The data contained on visiteastgrinstead.com is the property of the EGBA or the EGTC. The exception to this is a subscriber’s own web site, which is linked to visiteastgrinstead.com.


visiteastgrinstead.com is provided to subscribers as a vehicle for potential customers to access the subscriber’s website. It must not be used for any other purpose without the written consent of the EGBA.

Accuracy of information

While every effort is made to ensure those facts stated and claims made on visiteastgrinstead.com are true and accurate, neither the EGBA, the EGTC nor any of their officers or employees can be held responsible for any errors or omissions. Businesses linked to visiteastgrinstead.com are totally and wholly responsible for the information provided on their own site. Such information must comply with normal advertising standards and not infringe any applicable laws.
Neither the EGTC nor the EGBA acts as an agent for any of the businesses listed or referred to on visiteastgrinstead.com.


visiteastgrinstead.com is governed by the laws of England. If the site is accessed from elsewhere in the world those accessing it agree to be governed by the laws of England and that any action would be heard in an English court of Law.


These Terms and conditions are subject to change without notification and at the discretion of the EGBA.


Advertisements on this site should not be taken as endorsement of the advertiser by Visit East Grinstead or any of the partner organisations.