Tap On, Tap Off with Metrobus

Tap On, Tap Off with Metrobus

Contactless payments have just got even easier for Metrobus passengers with the introduction of Tap On, Tap Off started Wednesday, 18 September.

Metrobus introduced contactless payments in Autumn last year but now there’s no need to buy a paper ticket from the driver or to tell the driver where you’re going.

Passengers just need to tap their bank cards or phones on the ticket machine reader when boarding and tap off on the exit reader when they get off.

Commercial Director Nick Hill said: “We’re always looking for ways to make things easier for people to catch the bus and Tap on, Tap off is a natural part of that. It should also speed up boarding and keep buses moving.”

There’s no need to register or sign up and it’s the same price as buying a paper ticket on the bus. The cost of the journey is automatically calculated and charged to passengers’ bank accounts by the end of the day.

Another great feature is that what passengers pay is automatically capped at the cost of a day ticket, no matter how many Metrobus services they catch.

It means Metrobus passengers won’t pay more than the cost of either a Metrorider or Metrovoyager ticket, depending on the area travelled in.

Passengers will need to use the same card or device to pay on each bus they travel on, though.

Nick said: “This means you get the best value fare without having to ask for it, or even know about it. That’s especially good news for visitors and occasional bus users.”

People can track their journeys and fares history using our Contactless Customer Portal.

How it works

  • Board the bus and place bank card or device on the ticket machine reader at the front of the bus, wait for the beep and the screen will say ‘accepted’
  • When leaving the bus, tap off at the exit reader. These are on the left by the double doors on those buses that have them, or on the left at the front of buses without double doors.
  • That’s it!

For more detailed instructions and other information: www.metrobus.co.uk/contactless

Editors’ notes 

Tap On, Tap Off is not currently suitable for: child fares; weekly tickets; return tickets; family tickets; discounted tickets, such as Surrey Student and hospital staff; tickets valid for other bus or train companies and passengers buying a through fare from one route to another but these can all still be bought using contactless

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