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Cook East Grinstead

» Cook East Grinstead

Our Kitchen
In the beginning...
Dale cooked everything himself with one sous chef (Spencer, who's still with us), in a small kitchen in Rainham, Kent. When miraculously we survived our first few years and opened a couple more shops, we upgraded to a bigger kitchen nearby in Sittingbourne.

In 2005 we took the plunge and borrowed a lot of money to design and build our own kitchen in Sittingbourne. We moved in 2007 and it's where we still cook today.

The COOK Kitchen works in a similar way to a big hotel kitchen, with different sections responsible for different parts of the cooking process - checking ingredients as they come in; preparing them; cooking; making pastry; assembling the different components of the finished dish; freezing; packing and labeling. Unlike most food companies, we don't believe in using machines to do jobs that people can do better. This means we run a very complicated operation that depends entirely on the passion, care and teamwork of our people.

Telephone: 01342 821772
Facebook: thecookkitchen
Twitter: @thecookkitchen
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Did You Know?

East Grinstead didn’t have a fire brigade until 1863.