Changes to Metrobus Timetables

Changes to Metrobus Timetables

Metrobus maintains essential services for key workers 

Metrobus will revise its timetables from Monday 30 March to better reflect demand and resources while ensuring everyone is connected throughout this difficult time.

Metrobus has been working hard to maintain essential bus services for key workers, including those working for the NHS.

The bus company’s focus has been on matching bus timetables to key workers’ needs and shift work patterns to enable them to get where they need to go safely and comfortably.

This includes keeping a good level of service on routes that serve the area’s hospitals.

Meanwhile, Metrobus has continued to maintain links between towns and villages: a vital connection for many people in these communities.

After pulling over somewhere safe, Metrobus’ drivers joined in the nation’s mass applause for NHS workers yesterday to show their appreciation and support.

Metrobus’ Managing Director Martin Harris said: “We want to make journeys as safe and convenient as possible for NHS staff and other key workers during this really difficult time.

“Our bus drivers and other colleagues joined in the applause last night to say thank you to our NHS staff, who are working tirelessly to battle this pandemic, looking after our friends and families.

“I am also very proud and grateful to all our drivers, cleaners and all of our other teams for their efforts in these unprecedented times and for rising to the challenge.”
From Monday 30 March, the following service levels will be in operation until further notice:

A Sunday service will operate on all days of operation on the following routes: Fastway 10, Fastway 20, Fastway 100 and Route 200.

A Special service will operate on all days of operation on the following routes: 1, 2, 61, 65 and 281.

A Special service will operate on Mondays to Saturdays with normal Sunday service on Sundays on routes: 3, 4, 5, 23, 93, 98, 430 and 435.

A Special service will operate Mondays to Fridays, with a normal Saturday and Sunday service on the following routes: 291 and 400.

A normal Monday to Friday non-school day service and normal Saturday and Sunday, where operated, will run on the following routes: 11, 21, 22, 51, 84, 231, 233, 270, 271, 272, 273, 280, 318, 420, 460, 480 and 820.

No service will operate on the following routes: Routes 300, 398, 606, 610, 624, 638, 642, 643, 648, 692, 693 and 866.






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